Cases of death


Cases of death

Case of death in the house

If your loved one dies in the house, you can keep them in the house (when possible) or instruct the employees of the funeral home in charge to transfer them to the cemetery waiting room or to the cemetery refrigerator.
If you choose the case of the cemetery waiting room, you can visit the deceased in the waiting rooms of the municipal cemeteries after the settlement and stay as long as you wish from sunrise to sunset. At sunset the cemeteries are closed and visits are prohibited. Your loved one remains in the waiting room and is guarded by the personnel of cemetery throughout the 24-hour period.
Pursuant to the laws of the state burial is allowed 12 hours after the time of death. After the period of 12 hours, the relatives can instruct the contractor to proceed to the burial, whenever they wish, provided that there is no risk of sepsis of the body. In these cases, when relatives wait for body from abroad and it is going to remain beyond the 24-hour period, they should necessarily instruct the funeral home to place it in a special designed refrigerator.

Case of death in a hospital a clinic or a nursing home

If death occurs in a hospital or a clinic, etc. the relatives must have the identity card of the deceased, their social security number and their TIN in order to give them to the institution’s doctor for the drawn up of the death certificate while they must give the clothes to the funeral home.

  • 1st action: Contact the doctor for the issue of the death certificate.
  • 2nd action: Simultaneous contact with the funeral home of your choice for the rest.

Case of a sudden death caused by accident (car accident, suicide, etc.)

In the above case, contact immediately the funeral home to help you with the additional actions required by law, such as calling the police, the forensic service, the medical examiner, etc.

If you contact the funeral home and it undertakes the first procedures required by law, the deceased must be transferred to the morgue for the autopsy and the issuance of the certification of death causes by the medical examiner, whose opinion can not be objected by anyone.

In case of sudden death, an autopsy must be performed, because usually after the burial legal disputes follow (road accidents) between insurance companies, which require the presentation of a medical examiner’s report and not a simple doctor’s opinion. If a doctor is present during the accident or the sudden death and wishes to give an opinion, we do not recommend it. Even in this case you should prefer the autopsy, after which the funeral home will undertake the flawless appearance of the deceased. In such cases we also recommend that the body is transferred to the morgue, instead of the house of the deceased.


Burial outside Thessaloniki

  • 1st case: You should contact the funeral home and request to provide the coffin, take care of the body and then transfer it with a special closed car or hearse to the place you wish. Then you should take care of the rest that is required until the burial pursuant to your local customs and traditions.
  • 2st case: You should contact the funeral home and assign everything, namely, the care of the body, its transfer to the place you wish and the performance of the whole ceremony, without you taking any other action.

Loss of persons abroad

In such case we inform you that we are contracted with foreign funeral homes [Germany, France, Italy, England, Austria, US, etc.]. You can contact our funeral home form any country you are and 25 hours a day, which will undertake he whole process immediately, helping you with any difficulties you may face, unnecessary movements and unnecessary expenses.

Loss of persons within the country who must be transferred abroad

We undertake with responsibility and in compliance with all the required international standards, the shipment of the body by any means abroad.