Funeral ceremonies


Funeral Ceremonies

The total cost of a funeral depends on the financial situation and the requirements of the family for the ceremony. This cost depends on the following factors.


A. The price includes: 

  • Coffin
  • Linen set (sheet, linen accessories, pillowcase, pillow, shroud & facade)
  • Personnel for the transportation of the deceased from the place of death (care)
  • Podium, Candelabra, Candlestick & Candles
  • The dressing of the deceased (in clothes chosen by the family)
  • The posting of the announcements
  • Declaration of death and issuance of a burial permit
  • Issuance of death certificates
  • Hearse for the funeral
  • Pall-bearer (Frakoforoi)
  • Church flower decoration
  • Floral Cross
  • Remuneration of the funeral home
  • VAT 24% (from 1 June 2016)
B. The price does not include:

  • Funeral service fees either in a cemetery church or a parish church.
  • The reception, which is undefined, because we do not know the exact number of attendees while the price is calculated per person and pursuant to the preference of the relatives.
  • Rights of the Cemetery. Each cemetery has its own price list. We deliver the duplicate of the payment receipt to the family.
  • Cost of cold room (free)
  • Cost of cemetery waiting room (charge per day)
  • Cost of transportation for autopsy. Autopsy is mandatory in case of a sudden death and it is ordered ex officio by the police or the hospital. The autopsy itself is free.


(Only if requested by the family – not included in the price)

  • More than one priest
  • Remuneration of Archimandrite or High Priest
  • Remuneration of choir (choice of 3, 4, or 5 persons)
  • Publications in newspapers (in a two-column framework)
  • Floral decoration of the deceased
  • Funeral wreaths
  • Special clothing for the deceased (wedding suit, wedding dress, candy boxes, etc.)
  • Book of condolences (delivered to the family at the end of the ceremony)
  • Banqueting
  • Car for the transport of relatives
  • Taxi or bus