Memorial Services


Memorial Services

We organize the memorial services you wish in a parish or cemetery. We print and post the announcements for the memorial service.

At the end of the memorial service, we offer memorial food (kolyva) in a bag or a small box with the name of the deceased, treats in a bag (i.e. tsoureki or cake, ergolavo, nouazeta or a chocolate olive, cookies, fresh cheese pie & spinach pie, a bread bun, a refreshing wet wipe) and a waiter for the service.

We remind you that in the parishes we pay the cost of a memorial service, as well as the cost of the spiritual center for the rental of the reception area for the time it will last. If the memorial service is held in the cemeteries, we pay in advance for the ritual in the church or for a group memorial service (all performed at the end of the morning liturgy ), or for a special memorial service in some cemeteries (it is performed at the end of the group memorial services in order every 1 quarter). The amount of the ritual differs depending on the Church.

We offer church decoration, memorial plaque and choir (only for special memorial services) upon request.

Several churches have reception areas and serve coffee, after we provide them the necessary goods such as coffee, sugar, cognac in order to prepare them.


Performance of Memorial Services

On the third day of death, pursuant to the Greek customs and traditions, the family of the deceased performs a memorial service at the place of the grave in a close family circle. The family prepares a small and simple plate of memorial food (kolyva – boiled wheat with sugar) and invites the cemetery priest to perform the memorial service. This is also repeated 9 days after the death of their loved one.

The forty days memorial service that follows can be held either in the church desired by the family in Thessaloniki and preferably in the church of the parish of the deceased, or in the church located in the cemeteries. A full forty days memorial service includes, in addition to the plate with memorial food, announcements, posters and almost all the procedures required by a funeral ceremony.

The assignment of such a memorial to the funeral home will relieve you from many obligations.

If you decide to hold a memorial service, you must visit or contact the funeral home at the latest within ten days of the day of death in order to discuss the details and so that the funeral home can book the time of the ceremony in the church and reception area on your behalf. Almost all memorial services take place on Sunday, therefore, when you delay visiting the funeral home, there is a risk that you will not be able to book a church or a reception area. You should have in mind this detail.

If you wish to perform the forty days memorial service in a very close family circle, contact the funeral home and be sure that it will share its experience with you. The same applies to the annual or three-year memorial service. The Hierarchy Memorial Services are those officiated by the Holy Metropolitan of Thessaloniki.

If you wish your forty days, annual or three-year memorial service to be read in another church and not in the church of your parish or the cemeteries where the burial took place, then assign it to the funeral home of your choice, in order to get rid of certain additional procedures and expenses.