Repatriation of Bodies


Repatriation of Bodies

Repatriation of bodies with a focus on care, respect, dignity of the deceased and the customs required by their religion.

The actions following the loss of a loved one are for everyone who take charge thereof a very difficult and emotionally charged experience, especially when death occurs abroad. Our home will arrange all the actions required to realize the desire of the deceased or their family.

We believe that the following information about any action needed in case this happens in Greece or if you wish for the funeral to be held in Greece will help you face your problem.

We strictly follow the guidelines and regulations of the World Health Organization and the EU as they apply in Greece and the country of destination.

We fully respect the requirements of the religion of the deceased.
  • If there is no death certificate, we take care of its issue.
  • We proceed to the declaration of death and the issuance of all the required licenses for the transport of the deceased. The data used in the declaration of death are obtained from the passport, the death certificate, and the information given to us by the relatives.
  • We receive and embalm the deceased.
  • We proceed to the translation of all the required documents in cooperation with the local embassy of the country of destination.
  • We issue the international transport license.
  • We check whether the recipient in the country of destination (funeral home, cemetery, crematorium) is suitable to meet the requirements of the family.
  • Alternatively, we proceed to cremation and we deliver the cinerary urn to the address (door-to-door) that will be requested.
  • We choose the best available combination of cost and time for the case.
Of course, we can always undertake the ceremony and burial, even the construction of the grave in any cemetery in Greece. If the family wishes to attend, we undertake the booking of tickets, the finding of a hotel, the taxi-bus for transportation etc.

We offer our services as a full package that includes everything (coffin, care – treatment of the deceased, embalming, bureaucratic procedures and translations, special coffin packaging, necessary transport within Thessaloniki and staff, delivery to the airport transportation company).

Detailed cost of transportation of the body within Greece

In case of transportation of the body from Thessaloniki by road, the charge is per kilometer. The costs of ships – ferries and tolls are not included.

In case of transport from the Greek islands the cost of the bill of lading is different. Our funeral home will provide you the relevant information.

In case of sudden deaths there is an additional cost due to transport for autopsy. The cost varies depending on the city, the distance, etc. Our funeral home will provide you the relevant information.


Transportation– Repatriation of the body abroad

Our funeral home undertakes the preparation of the body and their transport to the country chosen by the family and a local funeral home thereof continues the procedures.

* The only case in which the body cannot be transferred abroad is if they suffered from an infectious disease.

The package of preparation and transport of the body abroad includes
  • A high resistance coffin for transportation
  • The intended special packaging (wood-metal) for transportation
  • Necessary vehicles and personnel for the transportation of the deceased
  • The dressing of the deceased (in clothes chosen by the family)
  • The embalming
  • The declaration of death
  • The applicable international service transfer licenses
  • The translations of the necessary documents
  • The Hague Convention (apostille) stamp
  • The transfer to Thessaloniki Airport “Macedonia” and the delivery to the airline
  • VAT
The package of preparation and transport of the body abroad does not include
  • The cost of the consignment note for air transportation (calculated according to weight). The receipt is delivered to the customer.
  • The stay in the cold room (charge per day).
  • Any additional transfers due to flight cancellations, airline strikes, customs strikes etc.
* All transports abroad must be paid in advance.