Through the website, visitors are informed about the products and/or services of the business while, by filling in the contact from, they can contact with it. Moreover, visitors may write their comments/reviews for the services provided and/or products in the relevant field. The website shall record the contents of messages sent by visitors exclusively for the detection of violation of the present terms of use and for any other purpose. The website may also disclose the content of relevant messages to third parties, unless its author consents to or the law or competent authority requires so. The acceptance of terms of use shall constitute consent of the user to the notification of their messages to third parties-company’s partners for the purpose of providing services.

The website may contain links to other websites controlled by third parties. In any case, the website shall not be responsible for the content and the privacy policy practices applied to or for any financial or other damage caused to users following those links. Moreover, the website shall not be bound in respect of correctness of links or shall not make any commitment to quality or validity thereof or shall not comply with or accept a part thereof.


Users shall accept that the comments and remarks posted on the website shall remain the sole responsibility of the user posted them. In no case, it can be considered that the website accepts or endorses by any means the users’ remarks posted on its pages. Users shall keep the full responsibility for the content published as well as for any violation of intellectual property rights due to the content they publish. Where administrators become aware of or the website is eponymously notified of any damage or injury caused to a person as well as of any unfair use of the website or addition of illegal content, they shall reserve the right to immediately remove the illegal or offensive content. Users shall not be allowed to use the website service, including, but not limited to, for the following purposes:

  1. A) Publication, transmission, transfer or installation of illegal, harmful, pornographic, threatening, abusive, injurious, advertising, vulgar, violent, insulting, racist or other unacceptable content or content violating the personality and personal data of third parties or causing emotion of hate, terror or referring to minor, animal abuse or to such encouragement and/or any other criminal offence.
  2. B) Imitation of any legal or natural person or false declaration for the user’s identity or a misleading declaration concerning the user’s relationship with another person.
  3. C) Imitation by falsification or tampering with data of the website by any other means with a view to misleading as to the origin of the content transmitted using the services of the website.
  4. D) Publication, transmission, transfer or installation of content by a person who has not the right to make available the specific content based on law or confidential relationship.
  5. E) Publication, transmission, transfer or use of other method for the installation of software or content of all forms (text, vision, sound, video, animation) violating any third-party intellectual property rights.
  6. F) Publication, transmission, transfer or use of other method for the installation of unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or of other product promotion content, sending of spam or uninvited by the recipient electronic messages and of any other kind of unwanted content promotion.
  7. G) Harassment of privacy or civil and social rights of other users by any means.

In addition, website users

  • shall not be allowed to publish personal mails, telephone numbers and other personal data on the website.
  • shall not be allowed to use other language apart from Greek or Greeklish or English (in the English version of the website).
  • shall not be allowed to write in capitals.
  • shall not be allowed to complain about banning from the website.
  • shall not be allowed to annoy or threaten.
  • in case of complaint, shall be allowed to click on the “Contact the Administrator” button and send a message to the e-mail address: webmaster@vrisko.gr.
  • shall not be allowed to repeat the same text.
  • shall not be allowed to enter any form of propagandistic, anti-national text or to insult symbols.
  • shall not be allowed to encourage a sexual intercourse or offer money for any reason (e.g., prostitution, etc.)
  • shall not be allowed to abuse, affect or offend and, in general, to bother other users of the service.
  • shall not be allowed to advertise or defame other websites, products, services or companies.
  • shall not be allowed to invite other members of the website to other sites.


Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Website users shall not be allowed to record, change, distribute and reproduce by any means the content, which is protected by intellectual property rights, trademarks or patented products belonging to third parties without the previous written consent of the holder of such rights. The website may not allow the user’s access who repeatedly violates the above term, after an appropriate notification of such issue has been transmitted to the website by the holder of intellectual property rights or their legal representative. Without nullifying or restricting what is mentioned above, if one believes that their work is being copied or entered in the website in a way that the intellectual property rights are violated, they are requested to send a written notification which shall mention the following:

  1. i) an electronic signature or a written authorisation of the holder of intellectual property rights.
  2. ii) a brief description of the work protected by intellectual property rights.

iii) the precise point on the website where the intellectual property rights are violated.

  1. iv) the contact details.
  2. v) a written declaration that they believe in good faith that the action described constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights or contravenes the law.
  3. vi) a solemn declaration that the information provided is accurate and that he/she is the holder of the intellectual property rights violated or their legal representative.


User content

The website shall not bear any responsibility for the content the users post and/or publish on it. The visit to the website is made under the user’s responsibility.

If the website is notified that the content which is hosted affects third parties and/or violates third-party personal data and/or that third-party intellectual property rights are violated, it shall reserve the right to proceed immediately and without any notice to the deletion of the relevant content and/or of the user who made this post and/or publication. The present clause shall be valid for any content that users post/publish at any point of the website.

For the above reasons, the website shall reserve the right to remove content and delete users even without prior notice. The website may prohibit the users’ access to it, if a repeated violation of the present terms is found.

There is a repeated violation of the terms when the user has violated the present terms more than twice and/or for the above reasons the user content has been removed more than twice.

The user shall understand and accept that the website may adopt new terms of use of its services and/or modify the time limits within which the messages are kept and/or any other content that the user posts and/or publishes through its services.

Moreover, the website shall reserve the right to amend the permitted limits with regard to the size and the number of messages that the user may send and/or any other content that the user posts and/or publishes through its services.

The website shall reserve the right to change, at all times and without notice, the user’s storage space provided through its service to users as well as to temporarily and/or permanently disrupt the provision of the service concerned.

The website, in no event, shall be responsible for the loss or failure to store or the destruction of the content which is kept or disseminated via its service.


The website user shall be liable to the website and its partners for any damage or injury that may arise from the illegal or harmful use of the website as well as from the use of the service of the website made by the user in a fraudulent way or in a way inconsistent with the present terms.


The website shall reserve the right to modify and/or temporarily or permanently disrupt all or a part of its services with or without notice addressed to users.


Given the nature and volume of the information of the Internet, the website shall not, under any circumstances, including cases of negligence, be liable for any form of damage caused to the user using the service on their own initiative. More specifically, the website shall, in no way, be responsible for any damages including, but not limited to, direct or indirect, specific, accidental or incidental losses, actual or consequential expenses arising from the use of its services or from the failure to use them by any person concerning the inability to execute, any error, omission, disruption, fault, delay or discontinuation of operation or emission, failure or damage to technical systems, inabilities or damages to the user’s equipment or inabilities or damages to telecommunication networks, even if the representatives of the service  have been aware of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

The website shall cooperate with other websites (e.g., websites) for the provision of specialised content to users which appears unaltered in its various pages, as obtained by its provider (co-operating website or company) without any control or editing. The responsibility for appropriateness, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, lawfulness and suitability of the content, including, if any, advertising by any means, shall rest with the websites/companies providing it.

The content and information included in the website, including advertising, if any, in no case shall be considered as valid information or advice for a specific action.

Furthermore, the user shall understand and accept that it is possible for them, while visiting the pages and using the services of the website, to be exposed to inappropriate, annoying, offensive, immoral, vulgar, misleading and illegal content. The website, in no case, shall be considered responsible for any damage or loss that may be caused to users due to their exposure to such content.

Users shall visit the pages and the services of the website on their own exclusive initiative and under their own responsibility.


The website shall not grant an explicit guarantee that the pages, services, functions, options and content will be provided free of any interruption or error or that errors will be corrected. Due to technical conditions, which are not affected by the website, interruptions may arise, particularly in the event of temporary interruption of services. The same shall apply in case of maintenance or update measures. The user shall declare that they comply with such measures which, as far as possible, are made outside normal working hours and are timely declared together with the relevant negative effects to a reasonable extent. Such temporary unavailability of services shall not be a defect.

The website shall not be responsible for any kind of damage caused to the user because of the use and/or unavailability of use of services. In addition, the website shall not guarantee that the same or any other cooperating sites or servers through which they are made available to users do not include “viruses” or other harmful components.


The above terms of use of the website as well as any amendment thereto, shall be governed by the Greek law, the European Union law and all the relevant international conventions signed by the country.

Any provision of the above terms contrary to the law shall ipso jure lapse and be removed from the present agreement, without affecting the validity of other terms in any way.

The present document shall constitute the comprehensive agreement between the website and the user of its services and shall be binding only on them.

Any amendment to these terms shall not be taken into account and shall not form part of this agreement, if it has not been submitted in writing and incorporated into it. In any case, the website shall reserve the right to change the present terms, by informing the users accordingly through a post of such amendment on the website within the existing legal framework.

If the user does not agree to the terms of use provided for in the present agreement, they must refrain from using the services of the website.

The present terms have been submitted to the notary public of Athens, Kyriaki Anomeriti, resident in Athens, at 66 Skoufa St.

The present website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) shall be the intellectual property of the company under the name “EIDISEOFONIKI HELLAS S.A. – AUDIOTEX SERVICES – INTEGRATED INFORMATICS AND COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES” and the trade name NEWSPHONE HELLAS S.A.”, based in Kallithea, at 280 Thiseos Avenue (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), according to Law 2121/1993 “About Intellectual Property”, as amended and currently in force.

The company shall reserve the exclusive intellectual property rights related to the design and format of the website, with the exception of the content of the website which belongs to the person whose products and/or services are displayed through this website as well as of the content that may be added by its users (e.g., comments/opinions posted by users on the website). Any violation of these rights of the COMPANY by any means shall entail the obligations and be subject to penalties provided for in law.